Don’t miss this one! Richard Inman plays Lac du Bonnet in February


Next month, mark your calendar’s on February 19 when Winnipeg folk and country artist, Richard Inman will be playing at the St. Johns Heritage Church and Art Centre.

The show is being put on by Lac du Bonnet Listening Room, a group that brings musicians to perform at the Art Centre. Local audiences may remmeber Inman as a regular at the Fire and Water Festival over the years. He is a staple of Winnipeg’s folk and country scene. Blessed with a rich baritone voice and delicate musical touch, he crafts mature songs that feel at once deeply familiar and bracingly fresh. Regarded by everyone who knows him as ‘The Real Deal’, Inman’s musical stories are bound to hit you right where it counts.

Inman’s love of country music began as a child, listening to Johnny Cash and George Jones on the radio with his family. After a brief stint in a metal band during his teen years, Inman returned to his roots. His debut into the music world came in 2014 with the opportunity to play at the Winnipeg Folk Festival’s Galaxie Young Performers program.

One of the songs he performed there was ‘The D-Day Dodgers,’ a ballad about a group of soldiers. Inman’s grandfather was one of those soldiers. It is written from stories that his grandpa told him, stories his grandma told him after the passing of her husband.

Despite being an intense battle and having a high death toll, the soldiers who fought in Ortona were scorned as “D-Day Dodgers” and accused of taking the easy way out by not partaking in the invasion of Normandy. For Inman, it’s not only a matter of family history but a piece of forgotten Canadian history.

After that performance, Inman realized that performing in a room full of people, singing his own songs was what he wanted to do, and he hasn’t stopped.

Richard Inman has spent the past five years gigging all over, sharing his stories will delighted crowds across Canada. With three albums under his belt and a whole lot of unrecorded songs to share with his fans, Richard Inman’s music will become a staple in your music collection.

Inman plays from 7:00 to 9:00. SJHC is located at 86 MacArthur in Lac du Bonnet. For ticket information, call 204-213-0304.

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