OPEN Door Christmas Dinner

December 25, 2019 Fort Alexander Catholic Church

Marilyn M. (Courchene) Mcauley and Theresa Janette Fontaine arranged a Christmas dinner for those who were alone and those who had no place to go.

Father Augustine of Sagkeeng Catholic Church agreed to host the dinner at the Catholic Church in Sagkeeng on Christmas Day. Elder Norman Guimond lit a Sacred Fire and did a food offering for family members in the spirit World. Community members were given the option to go out and burn tobacco to offer prayers for loved ones. Father Augustine: did a Blessing of the food and participated in the fun games and dancing that took place after the meal.

Marilyn and Janette approached all organizations in the communities of Pine Falls/ Powerview. The response was overwhelming at the willingness and the amount of donations the organizations were wanting to donate.

Pictures were taken of staff from each organization and a list was made in order to acknowledge the kindness and donation contributed. Donations were also given from individual community members who heard about the dinner and wanted to contribute by cooking turkeys’ dainties, wild rice casserole dishes cakes as well as donating pickles, cranberry sauces, and many other items.

The community members also volunteered to help with the setting up and preparation as well as the serving and cleaning after. The dinner was a success, however, due to the planning being started on December 19, 2019 it did not leave much time to get things done and to advertise to the community. There was a turnout of approximately fifty community members who came to eat as well as the volunteers.

Recognition to the organizations and induvial communities members who donated are: Sonny’s Chicken: 40.00, HyKum, Fort Alexander Pharmacy: 100.00, Keith Pine Pharmacy: 200.00 gift Certificates, Home Hardware: 3 boxes cherry chocolates, 3 boxes Turtles, 2 round trays assorted chocolates, Chicken Chef: 1 large tray Garden Salad, 1 large tray pasta salad, Papertown: 1 large tub pasta salad, River Front: 1 large pot homemade soup, Midway Grocery: 4 cases of water, 8 tubs margarine, Dancyts Foods: 3 pails ice cream, 3 cases drinks, Hometown Sausage: 2 large bags frozen vegies, 1 large bag meatballs, George Guimond Care Home: 4 cakes, plates, utensils, Christmas table coverings, Jordan’s Principle: 3 hams Dis-Abilities Group: 3 cases drinks, Tim Hortons: 1 large container coffee, cups, creamers, sugar, stir sticks, Relay Auto: Huskvana men’s large winter coat, St. Croix: Quilted Men’s jacket, Powerview Autopac, vince Harbotle: 1 ham Debbie/Dion Bruyere: 2 trays dainties, Bella Malo: pickles, beets, cranberry sauce, Gloria Guimond: donated and cooked a turkey, Heather Guimond: volunteered to set up the tables and prepare the dining room for the meal as well as organize the gifts that were purchased through the monies donated. Shelly Letander: donated and cooked a turkey, Claudette/ Sherry Starr: Fried Bread/ Bannock, Noreen Canard: Spinach Fruit Salad, Audrey /David Henderson: Wild rice casserole, Garry Swampy: Mandarin Oranges, Linda Fontaine: cooked a turkey and 25 boxes Stove Top Stuffing, Candace Canard: donated and cooked 2 hams, Cheyanne Guimond: cooked a turkey. Robert Maholland: Wild Rice Casserole, Hilda/ Wiliam Canard: cooked 12 boxes Stove Top Stuffing, 1 ham, Winola Canard: cooked 1 turkey, Nicole Bruyere: cooked 1 turkey, Marilyn Mcauley: 1 turkey, meatballs, Lauren Canard: cooked 1 turkey, Rick/ Judy Fewchuck: donated 2 cases drinks, Winnipeg Harvest: 25 boxes Stove Top Stuffing, Turkeys, pastries, buns, chocolates and many more items. Sagkeeng Band: 6 turkeys’

The names above are community organizations and members we had listed. If anyone’s name is not on the list please accept our deepest apologies. We as a community worked together to make the Christmas dinner the success it was. Thank you and Meegwetch to all. We are planning on making this an annual event and hope to hold the dinner in Pine Falls or Powerview next year with invitation to St. George and all surrounding communities. Each year the communities hosting will rotate for all to attend.

Meeqwetch and Happy New Year to all.
Marilyn Mcauley
Janette Fontaine

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