Business Spotlight: Powerview Tool Sales & Rental

By: Vince Clark

As local residents may have noticed throughout the summer, a new business has been built on Hwy 11 in Powerview, across the highway from the former Sunrise Bakery.

Brad Fulton from Powerview Tool Sales and Rental

This is the new office for Sandi Duval’s Liberty Tax branch, but there is a second business in the building, run by her long-time boyfriend, Brad Fulton. Brad, who was a semi-truck driver by trade for 35 years, was in a major accident on March 9th, 2016. He was driving on Highway 2, near Airdrie, AB, when he suddenly had a severe coughing fit, and passed out at the wheel. His truck careened off the highway at 100 kilometres per hour and crashed into a building. Luckily, he survived. As a result of the crash, he is now physically unable to work a typical job. He and Sandi had been doing contracting in their spare time for a few years prior to his accident, and had amassed a large assortment of tools and machinery. Due to his injuries, Brad is unable to work for more than an hour or two at a time, and thus soon had no use for most of his equipment.

With Sandi eager to get out of her shared St-Georges Rental Property, her and Brad came across the opportunity to buy some property along Highway 11 in Powerview. They soon began construction of their new space. Brad had been mulling over the idea of operating a tool sales and rental business for some time and decided the time was now.
He came to the realization that there was a market after needing to rent some heavy equipment in the construction of their building. “The closest place to rent machinery from was in Lac du Bonnet, and it added almost $100 to the rental cost just to get it here and back.” He said. Soon, he began purchasing additional equipment online to had to his arsenal. He also noticed a need for cheap, basic tools in the region. “My market is the everyman, because there are lots of people who need tools, and most tools are hard to find and very expensive out here, and not everyone need the top-quality commercial level tools.” He stated.
He now has machinery for rent such as a Tractor, a stump grinder, a pressure washer, concrete breakers, a mini excavator, and much more. He also sells bulk nails, drill sets, screwdrivers, hammers, even odd things such as ball hitches, and just about any other tool one can think of.
Now this is where things get interesting. Ever the businessman, he noticed that there is nowhere in the region to get specialty pet food for pets such as Rabbits, Hamsters, and other small pets, as well as limited selection for dog and cat food and treats. So, he amassed a stock and began selling that as well.
Come and see this jack of all trades store for yourself. It’s truly one-of-a-kind!

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