Destinations 2020 – Beaches to the Falls

By Don Norman (photos: Blazed Photogaphy)

This spring, the Advocate is excited to publish another edition of our well-received tourism guide, Destinations – Beaches to the Falls. The magazine will highlight events and attractions throughout the region and will be illustrated with top notch photography that reflects the beauty of our region.

As the name suggests, the magazine covers the communities along the Winnipeg River, including Lac du Bonnet, Great Falls, Powerview Pine Falls and Sagkeeng. It also includes the Beaches on the eastern shores of Lake Winnipeg and the communiteis of Wanipigow, Black River, Manigotagan and Bissett.

The 2020 edition will coincide with the 150th Anniversary of Manitoba becoming a province. This will give us an opportunity to explore the rich history of the region and the important role it’s played in the growth of the province. And one of the major developments in the history of the area was the incorporation of district of Alexander (now the Rural Municipality of Alexander) which took place 75 years ago. These two important milestones will provide us with a backdrop to explore the amazing sights and attractions that the region has to offer.

It is a full-colour glossy magazine that will be designed in-house and will feature the work of local photographer, Blaze Sammons, who operates Blazed Photography. She also provided images for the last issue. Blaze’s photography is nothing short of spectacular. She has a keen eye for finding the beauty in her surroundings.

Once again we are asking you to help us with our endeavour to make this magazine a great resource for the community and for visitors to our area. If you know of something that you think should be included, we would love to hear from you. Because of the historical focus, we are also looking for old photographs. So dig out those old albums – we understand the importance of these treasures – so we will scan them and give them right back.

Also, let us know what your favourite things to do are. Is it Coca-Cola Falls? Or the hike to Elk Island? Or the Duck Lake ski trails? Or is it ice fishing on Balsam Bay? Or perhaps you want to share some hidden gems that are less well known.

Finally, after our last issue came out, many businesses were disappointed that they weren’t able to be included in the magazine. So, if you have a business that you promote to locals and visitors alike, please contact us and we will work together to make sure you have a fabulous looking ad that showcases your business. Please contact Vince at 204-367-9970 and he will get the ball rolling.

Let’s make this a publication we can all be proud of!

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