Council Briefs: Highlights from February 19 RM of Alexander Meeting

By Don Norman

Cost Shared Feasibility Study

Council discussed the cost-sharing agreenment for a feasibility study in partnership with the Water Services Board. The study is forecast to cost $50,000 – $25,000 of which would be covered by the RM. Concerns raised were that studies had been done in the past and that they woulnd’t be doubling up information they already had. RM CAO Don Dowle said that the Water Services Board was “very mindful of previous studies.

Street Light Policy

Council discussed street light policy in how it releates to a request from residents of Tall Timber Road. Residents can have a street light put in if they get 60% of affected residences to sign on, and they will also have to fund-raise to cover half of the RM costs. The estimated cost of the street light was approximately $10,000, Manitoba Hydro would pay half of that, the RM would pay $2500 and the residents woudl be on the hook for the rest.

Traverse Bay boat launch

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans forwarded correspondence that they had sent to Sagkeeng First Nation regarding the application for the Traverse Bay launch. CAO Dowle said that he was encouraged by what he saw in the document. “The tone of the conversation is going well,” he said. “The DFO is doing a lot of work to meaningfuly engage and consult with Sagkeeng.”

The document included the list of questions and concerns that Sagkeeng had expresssed regarding the dock.

Councillor Dubé said she found it incredible that it took three years to come up with these questions (the application was submitted in 2017).

What’s in a name?

Councillor Corrie raised a concern regarding using the term “reeve” to refer to the head of council becasuse she thinks many people are unaware of the term and that it would be better if the title was switch to the more familiar “mayor”. It was pointed out that other municipalities had recently gone through the same proocess (St. Clements was named specifically). The council was largely in agreement and the matter will be put to a vote at the next meeting. “To me, it seems pretty trivial,” said Reeve Brisco. But it would probably be easier.”

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