High winds create dangerous road conditions Friday

By Don Norman (photos by Sher Meade)

High winds and blowing snow caused dangerous conditions on highways in the region on Friday.

On highway 304, just where the speed limit changes from 100 Kmh to 90 Kmh, a car went in the ditch. Emergency vehicles, including an ambulance were on site, but at this point we have no official reports of injuries from the accidents.

That section of highway is open to farm fields on both sides road, and when strong winds blow, snow from the surrounding fields can make visibility low. Combined with a warming sun, the blowing snow stuck to the road in sections making driving treacherous.

Facebook posts indicate that at least three more vehicles went in the ditch at approximately the same spot. We will release more details as they become available.

This photo from a Facebook post, shows three more vehicles in the ditch at the same spot on Highway 304.

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