Sunrise SD Schools open this week in but classes will be cancelled starting March 23


On Friday, March 13, the Sunrise School Division released an information letter indicating that until further notice, classes were to be scheduled as usual for students attending schools in the division. However, hours later, the province announced that they would be cancelling classes across the province for three weeks as of March 23.

Coronavirus (Wikipedia)

“At this time, schools in Manitoba and in Sunrise School Division will remain open. School closures will be considered as circumstances change, so we are encouraging everyone to be prepared for the possibility of home isolation going forward,” the release signed by Superintendent Cathy Tymko stated. “We would also encourage families and community members to limit any of their own non-essential travel plans in order to help minimize the potential of spreading the COVID-19.”

The division is taking other measures to minimize the spread of the virus. Beginning Monday, March 16, 2020 and until further notice, the Sunrise School Division is:

-cancelling all field trips

-cancelling all non-essential meetings, gatherings, assemblies, presentations, and other large group events including upcoming parent/teacher and student-led conferences

-cancelling staff attendance at professional development sessions

-cancelling extra-curricular activities

-cancelling the community use of school or divisional space

The release also went on to let parents know that they expect anyone exhibiting signs or feeling flu-like symptoms to stay home from school until healthy enough to attend. “We also request that staff and families self-report illnesses to the school,” the release continued. “Schools will be closely monitoring staff and students for signs of illness and will contact parents and guardians should any concerning symptoms be observed. As always, parents and guardians have the right to keep their child at home if they feel that is the best option for their child or children’s safety, but would ask your cooperation with informing the school of this choice. “

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