Neighbours helping Neighbours

By Don Norman

It’s not all doom and gloom and “keep your distance” out there. Across the globe, people are reaching out and helping each other get through these tough times we are all experiencing. And in our little corner of the universe, it’s no different.

Belair resident Elizabeth Wood recently posted a message on a Facebook message board on Wednesday. “Hello. Going into Winnipeg for essentials tomorrow. Who needs what? List it and I’ll leave it on your porch. E-transfer or cash for your purchases. Stay safe”

“I received a heck of a response,” said Elizabeth. She said no one who answered the post tried to abuse the offer. “Everyone was grateful!” She said that while she never asked for anything like a delivery charge, some people insisted on paying her more than their grocery tally.

Elizabeth was quick to point out that she’s not alone in doing this. “There’s a gang of us doing it – at least 12,” she said. And there’s extra impetus for helping one another in these times, that kind of neighbourly engagement has been going on long before this current crisis we are in.

She points out that the East Beaches community is a tight-knit group and they always look out for each other, whether that means watching their neighbours property while they’re away, or picking up supplies for them when one goes to the Winnipeg. “This time it’s about the virus. We have a lot of seniors in the area. A lot of snowbirds have come back and are now quarantined,” said Elizabeth.

Stuck in the chips aisle. “They’re calling my name!”

For Thursday’s trip, she had about half a dozen orders and it went off without a hitch. Well, almost. As is the case everywhere, Lysol spray and hand wipes were nowhere to be found and they were on everyone’s list. “It’s lots of fun,” she said. “I love shopping in an empty store.”

Elizabeth will be filling more orders when she goes to Beausejour tomorrow for a big two-for-one sale at the Beausejour Co-op.

While these trips to the city and to other towns are useful for supplies that aren’t available locally, Elizabeth points out that there are options that many of the local shops are taking extra measures to try to get their goods into the hands of their customers. She mentioned specifically Saffies who are currently offering free delivery to customers.

So if you’re in the Beaches area and need some supplies, keep an eye out on local community Facebook pages and hit Elizabeth up. She’ll likely be glad to help you out!

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