Deborah Smith Re-Elected as Chief of Brokenhead Ojibway Nation

By Don Norman

The results from this weekend’s election at the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation saw Deborah Smith relected as Chief. This will be Smith’s second term in the position.

The Band faced additional challenges for this year’s vote because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Voters were given masks when going into the polling station. A large number of voters opted for the mail in ballot.

While Deborah Smith earned her spot back as Chief, the council around her will be entirely different. Former councillor, Winston Desjarlais wasn’t on the ballot this time out. Former councillors Harvey Olson and Naomi Nicholas-Folster ran unsuccessfully against Smith for Cheif, so won’t be returning to council. And former councillors Shawn Kent was 21 votes shy of being re-elected. The new councillors elected were Christopher Kent, Allen (Sam) Hocaluk, Wendell Jr. Sinclair (Ogimaa) and Kevin Thomas

Official Results of Elected Candidates:

Chief: Deborah Smith – 230


  • Christopher Kent – 259
  • Allen (Sam) Hocaluk – 215
  • Kevin Thomas – 155
  • Wendell Sinclair Jr. (Ogimaa) – 152

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