Powerview-Pine Falls asks Sagkeeng to relocate check stop

By Don Norman

Powerview-Pine Falls Town Council has sent a letter to Chief Henderson of Sagkeeng First Nation to request that the check stop entering Sagkeeng from Pine Falls be relocated west of Dock Road so residents can access the boat launch and cemetery.

Sagkeeng erected the check stops in April and had initially placed that one on the Sagkeeng side of the boundary between the communities, but had since moved it to the Pine Falls side, blocking Dock Road.

The Town of Powerview-Pine Falls has publicly supported Sagkeeng’s efforts to keep their community safe, but concerns raised by residents of the town about access being restricted to these facilities prompted the letter.

The letter, dated May 7, indicates that the Town is open to discussions to ensure that traffic doesn’t enter the reserve via back roads. It mentions specifically the possibility of placing boulders to ensure traffic does not have access to Sagkeeng.

When asked about unconfirmed reports that people had been turned away from using the boat launch on Saturday May 9, Powerview-Pine Falls CAO, Sharon Desiatnyk said she wasn’t aware of any specific incident.

To date, Sagkeeng had not responded to the Town of Powerview-Pine Falls, nor had they replied to a phone message left by the Advocate.

2 thoughts on “Powerview-Pine Falls asks Sagkeeng to relocate check stop”

  1. I will not leave my name but I worked the checkpoints since they started April 5 I worked different checkpoints and the people that are rude are not First Nations people it’s the outsiders that try come in and they should understand why we are doing this is to protect our community because u get 1 case in our community it will spread like wild fire and when I worked the 7 to 1 shift there is about 12 to 13 cars that go to the rock road every nite for what I don’t know but I do know and I think everyone else knows and no boaters were ever told they could not go to the dock it’s just a inconvenience for the fishermen to stop They don’t want to stop I seen a lot of negativity from outsiders and a few from our community but people in our community understand

    1. I’ve read that many Manitoba reserves are doing the same as you because the virus would spread more quickly if it were to hit Sagkeeng as households are larger. It’s ridiculous then that people would be offended to have to momentarily stop and state their business. We are all in this together and the perceived grievances are just sad.

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