Deep budget cuts coming to Powerview-Pine Falls

Public Hearing on 2020 Financial Plan tonight (May 20) at Sunova Arena

By Don Norman

The Town of Powerview-Pine Falls is hosting a public information session tonight to discuss their 2020 Financial plan they released earlier this month.

In order to keep in line with provincial COVID-19 recommendations (that requests municipal financial plans to focus on essential priorities only, and that municipalities reduce mill rates to assist businesses), the Town will be implementing significant cuts to its operational budget.

Tonight’s presentation (which is available in PDF format on on the Town’s website) contrasts the pre-covid plan, that included a modest mill rate increase and upgrades to municipal buildings and services, with the post-covid package that gives businesses an residents a break on their mill rate, but will result in reduced services and layoffs for Town employees.

The presentation doesn’t sugar-coat it. The first page of the draft presentation includes a large graphic with the words: “Declining Revenue + Public Needs/Expectations = Pain.”

The meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. tonight at the Sunova Arena. Social distancing protocols will be in place. They will require those in attendance to sign in and indicate if they want to speak. Only those on the list will be permitted to ask questions after the presentation.

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