5 new MB Covid cases all within Interlake-Eastern region

By Don Norman

Manitoba’s latest Covid-19 bulletin identified five new cases for the province, all of which are located in a Hutterite Colony in the Interlake Eastern Health Region.

“Today’s cases are a male and female in their 60s, a male and female in their 30s and a female in her 20s,” the bulletin read.  “All the cases are on a Hutterite colony in the Interlake-Eastern health region.  The investigation is ongoing and any additional information will be provided as needed once investigations are complete to inform people of any public health risks.”

The Interlake Eastern Health Region is huge. With an area of 61,000 square kilometres, the region extends east to the Ontario border, north to the 53rd parallel, west to the eastern shores of Lake Manitoba and south to Winnipeg’s north perimeter dipping down just past Winnipeg to slightly below the Trans-Canada Highway eastwards to Ontario. There are six Hutterite colonies in the region – three in the Interlake and three in the eastern section – and (as is standard with the province’s releases) they did not name the specific location.

The five new cases come on the heels of a spate of new cases in the province after an almost two week stretch with not a single case. Since Tuesday, 11 new cases have been identified. Six of them (one from Tuesday’s bulletin and five from today’s) are located in the Interlake Eastern Region. Tuesday’s bulletin said the one positive test result in the Eastman-Interlake Region was a man in his forties. It gave no other details. It’s not certain if he was also from the same Hutterite colony.

Tuesday’s case was the first new case identified in the Interlake Eastern Health region since mid-April.

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