Pine Falls Covid testing site moving to Health Centre Monday

By Don Norman

On Monday July 20, the Interlake-Eastern Health Authority (IERHA) are relocating the testing facility from Powerview School to the front of the Pine Falls Health Complex.

“We weren’t as busy as we thought we would be,” explains Paul Barnard, regional director of primary care for the IERHA. So the idea is that the primary care nurse who is currently working at the testing site at the Powerview School, could see other patients if it’s a slow day on the testing side.

After an extremely busy initial period where numbers were surprisingly high at the Powerview-Pine Falls testing site, the number of tests at the site have slowly decreased in step with the declining infection rates in the province. Currently, Barnard says they are testing an average of around eight people a day.

The same service model will exist at the new site, where people drive up in their vehicle. People are greeted at their vehicle and the testing is done in the vehicle.

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