A child’s generosity knows no bounds!

Debbie Majeau and her daughters Rosalia (left) and Ashtyn (right).

By Cynthia Chevrefils

It all started because Ashtyn Majeau found out about Homelessnes… she struck up a conversation with her mom on the way to Winnipeg one day. She asked her mom if they could bring home all the homeless people with them. Her mom told her that they simply couldn’t do that but that her mom (Debbie) could show her where they help people who are homeless.

When they arrived in Winnipeg Debbie took her daughter past Siloam Mission and explained to her the things they do for the homeless. Ashtyn saw Jim Bell (CEO of Siloam) outside talking to a police officer and recognized him from pictures that they have with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Ashtyn told her mom that she really wanted to help and would ask her friends to help too, when Ashtyn’s little sister Rosalia saw how excited her sister was, well she wanted to help too.

They started with a post on Facebook and it grew from there. Local business Riverfront offered to help collect donations for Ashtyn , as well as teachers and students from Ecole Powerview School.Great Fall Hall was hosting its annual Craft Sale on November 24th and offered Ashtyn a table for free to collect donations for Siloam Mission.

Ashtyn was collecting donations up until December 8th and then will be delivering them to Siloam Mission and will receive a tour of the place so the girls can see all the amazing they do .

So far they have collected over 9 large boxes of donations that are so badly need, especially this time of year. The girls have raised $100.00 at the craft sale in cash donations and another $75.00 this past week.

Keep up the good work girls you are doing your community proud by all your efforts and generous hearts.