Acrobats, Ninjas and Fairies Perform at First Year End Recital

Photos by M13 Artistry

Edgewater Recreation, MB Training & Tribal Kinetix was proud to have their very first season showcase recital last Wednesday April 11. Young students from the Dance, Gymnastics and Martial Arts programs had their chance to flip, roll, kick, shake and shine! Edgewater and MB Training has been partnering to run the gymnastics program since 2016, recently adding Martial Arts and Street Dance this last season. “This is our very first recital with this new program,” says Lin Smytzuk, Recreation Director, “and we were all very excited to put on this show for the family and community.”

“For a new program, its nice to have a performance opportunity like this, so we are pumped to have this first recital to wrap up our season,” states Eddie Miller, Instructor. “All the kids worked so hard each week, leaving a few thousand push-ups, flips and kicks on the mat each Wednesday night!”

“The goal of our programs is not only about developing Physical Literacy, its also about understanding values and culture.” After teaching over 13,000 kids for over 25 years, in over 100 communities, Miller is very optimistic to see where the program is been going. “It’s quite the honor to know that coaches and teachers such as ourselves get to be part of a young person’s development in confidence and skills. More importantly, we have a chance of sharing values such as respect, fair play, courage and kindness.” Tribal Kinetix has been Manitoba Training’s flagship program, offer various Cultural and Values oriented programming through Dance, Fitness, Martial Arts, Stunt Combat and Music, in both daycamp and full season programs.


In addition to Gymnastics and Dance, the program also offers both Chinese Kung Fu and Filipino Arnis-Kali, a weapons based system that is generally taught to special forces and law enforcement. Local beginner Martial Arts student, Michael Reimer, has already competed at the North American All Martial Arts Open last December, placing within the top three in his division. As the only representative of this small club at the event, he did his classmates proud.

MB Training is also part of one of the newest provincial sport organizations, Manitoba Association for Sikaran and Arnis, or MASA. This is the first Filipino Martial Arts association to receive provincial sanctioning and recognition. Sikaran and Arnis (also known as ‘Kali’ or ‘Escrima’), was granted provincial sport status in 2016.

This year, the World Sikaran Championships will be happening in Winnipeg May 5th, with about 10 countries expected to be there at the RBC Convention Centre. Richard Parinas, President of the Manitoba Association for Sikaran & Arnis, or MASA, is excited to have Edgewater Martial Arts Students coming to represent Canada. “We are so happy to have rural Manitoba kids come to an international event to represent their communities on a world stage,” says Parinas.

The Martial Arts and Fitness classes are set to continue in the Spring, at both Powerview/Pine Falls and Victoria Beach. This summer, the program will return to many rural Manitoba communities in the form of Tribal Kinetix Daycamp, where kids will get to experience an adventure in Dance, Martial Arts, Film-Making, Music, Parkour and Stunt Fighting. Camps are set to run in July and August in both Powerview/Pine Falls and Victoria Beach.

MB Training’s Tribal Kinetix isn’t only for the kids. For parents, there will also be a trip to Cuba, November 22-29. The Tribal Kinetix Cuba trip will be a week long fitness retreat that will have everything from AcroYoga, Hula, Kettlebells to Zumba, right on the beach. Tickets are as low as $1399.00, including flight. For more information on any of the programs, contact, email or call (204) 470-5425. You can also contact Edgewater Recreation at

Eddie Miller, BA Kinesiology & Politics, AYT, PTS, FIS is an Award-Winning Master-Level Fitness Trainer, Martial Arts Instructor, Stunt Choreographer and Professional Dance Teacher, who also teaches Zumba, Yoga, Pilates & AcroYoga. Working in the industry for over 25 years, to deliver professional training events and family programs throughout the province. He also works as a Kinesiologist and Trainer for people in addictions recovery.