Another crop of graduates at Little Wings Preschool

am grad keep

grad pm 2
Top: Morning class, bottom: afternoon class

With the arrival of June, comes another school year end for the preschoolers at Little Wings Preschool in Powerview-Pine Falls. On June 12, 2018, Little Wings Preschool hosted an incredible graduation/end of year ceremony at Great Falls Hall with 24 children graduating off to Kindergarten and 13 preparing to return next year as “the big kids at preschool.” Donning caps and gowns and performing a multitude of their favorite songs, the preschoolers gave parents and family members a glimpse into a year at preschool.

Little Wings Preschool is under the umbrella of Wings of Power Family and Community Resource Center and housed in École Powerview School. Each year classes run four days a week from September to June for children aged 3 and 4 years helping build the skills required for a successful school career.