Author Read with Verla Fortier at Allard Library

On September 25th local author Verla Fortier was at Library Allard to discuss her book “Taking back your outside mindset”. After a diagnosis of Systemic Lupus in her early 60’s and a fear of dying early and also after her father passed away from complications of MS and her mother’s Dementia diagnosis, Verla set out on a journey of finding answers for her health and for others as well.

Verla, who was a nurse for 40 years and who also has a Masters degree in Health Science set out on her own personal journey and after all her doctors told her to “stay out of the sun” she stayed inside and felt horrible .She wanted to find her way out from this dark diagnosis , and although she spent her career in healthcare she took a “sharp left turn” as she called it and turned to Tree research which lead her to write her book which is filled with tons of information on the benefits of being outdoors and green space living.

Verla wanted to share her finding with others because the benefits were to hard to ignore and the research was very powerful so by writing this book she wanted people to discover her “outside” research through her story.
Her book is currently available on Amazon for purchase and you can also purchase her workbook that accompanies the book as well.