Author Reads – Moonlit Path – Brandi Vezina

Brandi Vezina (right) poses with Library Allard Librarian, Kelly Murray.

October 26, 2018


On October 18th , Library Allard held a reading with Brandi Vezina to promote her newest book Moonlit Path which she wrote in 2017. She started her reading with a song and drum to “invite spirit” into her reading.

Brandi Vezina is a Metis woman from Stony Point, Manitoba. She is very proud of her Metis heritage. She was very fortunate to learn the value of family, hard work. She grew up picking berries, fishing on Lake Winnipeg, cutting jack pine with her grandfather in the bush and valuing a connection to nature. But it wasn’t all about getting your hands dirty. Brandi comes from a musical family. There was always a guitar being played in the kitchen. Singing and performing are engraved in her spirit.

She began her presentation talking about how important her indigenous background was to her, and her family and the important role they play in her everyday life. In 2017, Vezina and her father were in a head on collision with a semi-trailer in Alberta and that incident was the inspiration for Moonlit Path. She said it just “flowed” out of her after her accident.

She mentioned some of the important people she has met in her travels. She had the privilege to meet world known primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall , whose work has inspired her to try do good for the world. She was similarily inspired by meeting environmental activist, and television personality David Suzuki when he was being honoured in a water ceremony.

She spoke of some of the passages and photos in her book and how we can implement them into our daily lives. She says her books are for readers of all ages. She hopes to spark conversations about those who wish to seek truth and spiritual awaking and that people will tap into their own cultures and go back to their roots and to find the meaning and joy in everyday life .

Vezina states that everything we need in life is all around us and we just need to find it and implement .

When she’s not writing books, Brandi teaches grade 5 at Elmwood School in Winnipeg. She studied at the University of Manitoba, earning a Bachelor Environmental Science degree and Bachelor of Education. She is committed to teaching people the importance of healthy eating. She worked with the province to create a Diabetes Prevention video for students. Brandi teaches the importance of sustainable, nutrient rich eating that benefits the body in a holistic approach. She is also a motivational speaker focusing on teaching people to love themselves, with the hope that, we as a society will be healthier and happier as a whole and that once people learn to value themselves, they will value others and our place in the environment.

If that wasn’t enough, she is also a recording artist and entertainer (no surprise given the musical family as mentioned above). She uses her singing career to collaborate with other artists to spread the message of love, kindness and respect. And this only scratches the surface. If you want to learn more about the author, visit her website at

In March 2013, Brandi received a prestigious Indspire Educator award, in the Role Model category. Vezina is extremely appreciative of the recognition she has received and works hard to be a role model to her students, their families and the communities she works with.

Brandi is committed to making a better life for our children ,planet,and future generations to come. She says she is continuously seeking her own “Moonlit Path”.