Bids suprisingly high for RM of Alexander land tender


August 2, 2018


The R.M. of Alexander’s call for tenders for sale of 5.37 Acres of land zoned industrial – Roll# 123625 located @ 5 Power Drive resulted in a lot of interest. The deadline date to remit tenders was on July 26th and those tenders were opened on July 31st with the following results:

Kim Robertson $20,000
Ron Baird $50,111
Colliers Int’l $100,000
6622993 MB $165,000
9977007 Canada $245,000

Council has a possession & closing date 10 days following acceptance by council.
Bidder, Ron Baird was present for the unsealing of envelopes and was as surprised as were council members by the number of bids as well as the amounts.

The Manitoba numbered company lists Dan Lester and Lisa Lester as directors. The Canada numbered company has the same registered Office Address as the Manitoba Ltd. company but with with three Directors Adir Iakya, Nicole Harris, & Lisa Lester.

The Collier International bid We have left messages with Colliers International’s Winnipeg office manager asking them to reveal who their firm is representing. We have yet to hear back from Colliers.

In the last two months there have been close to $1,500,000.00 in actual or potential sales of properties to three companies for industrial/commercial/institutional properties in this area. There appears to be a valuable resource located here that investors are looking at purchasing in this area since the National Post story aired several months ago. The R.M. of Alexander property certainly fits in strategically in being very close to the Pine Falls Hydro Dam for power and the Winnipeg River for cooling. No decision was made by council and possession and closing date will be 10 days following acceptance by council.