Boreal Shores Art Tour Draws Tourists from across the globe

It was another successful year for the Boreal Shores Art tour that took place on August 17 and 18. The Boreal Shores Art Tour is a self-guided driving tour featuring individual artists, studios and group artist locations throughout Eastern Manitoba. The tour focuses on three different areas: Belair, Hillside Beach, Albert Beach, Victoria Beach and Powerview Pine Falls; Lac du Bonnet and Pinawa, and; Seven Sisters Falls, River Hills, Whitemouth, Rennie, Westhawk Lake, Falcon Lake.

There were 22 stops along the tour featuring 38 different artists. Tour organizer, Janice Charko said that there were eight new artists this year: two in Powerview-Pine falls; two in Belair; one in Pinawa and; one in Lac du Bonnet.

Charko said business was brisk this year with solid sales reporting in. “I’m still chasing a few artists for numbers,” said Janice, “but it looks like art sales will wind up in the mid $30,000 range.” At press time, she had not counted the passports turned in yet so she didn’t know how exact numbers of tour participants they had this year, but she estimated it to be somewhere between 500 and 800.

Charko says she is pleased with how this year’s event went. “Wonderful,” she said. “We had people from all over Canada, the USA and the UK. One woman who has flown here from BC each of the 3 years just for the Tour!”
You would think with all the hard work she’s done to help make this event happen, Charko would like to take a breath, but she’s already looking ahead to the 2020 tour. “We have already had 2 enquiries from new artists about joining us next year,” she said.