Candidate list for Vic Beach election confirmed

vic beach gate google mapsNo Currently sitting coucillors are running for re-election

The deadline for registering as a candidate for the upcoming municipal election in Victoria Beach passed yesterday (Thursday, June 15). According to the Senior Elections Officer, Roger Bouvier, there are two candidates running for Reeve and six for the position of councillor. Brian Hodgson will run to keep his position, and he is being challenged by current sitting councillor, Penny McMorris.

The following people have registered or the position of Councillor:
Graham Randle, Steve Axworthy, Irwin H. Kumka, Mike Bartmanovich, Brad Einfeld and Ian Chadsey. No currently sitting councillors (aside from McMorris, who is running for reeve) have registered for reelection so far.

The controversial termination of long-time fire chief Brad Patzer was expected to have an impact on the upcoming vote but with only Reeve Hodgson running for re-election, any protest vote will likely be focused on the race for reeve. Councillor McMorris, who is running against Hodgson was the only councillor who voted against Patzer’s termination.