COUNCIL MEETING SEPTEMBER 18, 2018: Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach

RM of Vic beach mtgLive-streamed from their Winnipeg office.  For the You-tube video of the full meeting, see the RM website:

The first regular council meeting held in the evening was long and full of information moving forward.  Two invited guests made presentations.  Starting off, Andrew Minor, head of the Manitoba Police Commission gave an overview of the role of each party involved in providing safe and effective policing for the RM.  Under the Police Services Act of 2011, independent Police Commission and Boards were established to provide advice, consultation, develop policy and train those responsible for keeping the peace.  These policies have the force of law, and apply to any municipality that chooses to maintain a local police presence, like Victoria Beach.  The Board is independent of political entities, and reports directly to the Manitoba Police Commission.  Complaints are heard by this Board, or may be presented directly to the Law Enforcement Review Board.

It is the role of the Rural Municipality to establish a police service, adequate fund it, as requested by this Board after consultation, and provide staff remuneration, benefits and liability coverage. It shall provide two appointed Board members to serve with one appointed by the Provincial government.  The role of the Police Board is to provide oversight that the force is adequate and effective.  Operational control, management of human resources and hiring of the Chief and/or Constables is their responsibility.  Also, to work with the community to develop a policing program that will address their needs, values and expectations.  There is no direction as to how all stakeholders are to be canvassed on any issues.  Training for police staff lies within the Service.

The second speaker was Jim Stinson, Interim Emergency Measures Office Co-ordinator, who has taken on the role of bringing the R.M. in line with the new legislation that is coming into effect.  His report was frank and to the point.  A list of items that need to be in place, with some dollar amounts was reviewed, including re-installation of a communications tower and relocation and upgrade to the main generator for the Maintenance Building.  Secondly, he presented his Hazard Analysis, which brought out some grave concerns.  His recommendation is to build on the previous work done in 2010 through the Fire Smart Program and for a safe community, meeting Provincial Emergency Measures Act and regulations. The Fire Chief will also attend the upcoming Disaster Management Conference.  Brad Patzer, Fire Chief and Shelley Napier will attend an EMO seminar to prepare them to communicate these ideas to the general population, and reaching out for their support while a Local Emergency Response Team and Community Advisory Group are put in place.

Following the Delegation presentations, a review of Committee Reports provided Council with the latest work being undertaken.  The Organizational By-law #1572 was again tabled, as an addition was accepted, triggering a re-write to the information presented for 3rd reading.  A new Standing Committee for Heritage was requested by Councillor Axworthy to enshrine the information being gathered for the 100th anniversary which should not be lost going forward.  By-law #1574 was also discussed, as the Acting CAO brought forward the issue of indemnities for Council should be reviewed every year.  Other business included payment of $35,000 previously authorized to the Red River Trails Association, as part of the cost of the trail connection between Albert Beach and Victoria Beach across Highway 59.

A Respectful Workplace Policy has been provided by Safety Services of Manitoba, as required by the Union, and this was accepted as presented.  Several questions sent to individual councillors from community members were discussed and dispatched.  Several functions needed someone to attend and these were assigned.  Next meeting will be October 2 in Winnipeg at 6:30 pm.

Reported on by: M. Haddad

Submitted:  September 20, 2018