Business Spotlight: Dave’s Furniture and Appliances

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From humble beginnings, Dave Lagasse built his business and his brand into a local household name for furnture and applicances

By Vince Clark

Born in St. Adolphe, Manitoba, Dave Lagasse moved to the community at 7 years old. He tried working at the local paper mill during the summer months, while still in high school, but it just wasn’t for him. So, he decided to open his own business.

In the early 1980’s, he opened a small store, Dave’s used furniture, in a rented space in the old building on the current site of Cash in a Flash pawn shop. That space however, was simply too small. So, in 1986, he purchased the building in which the business still resides today. It was at that point that he began to diversify the business, a theme that would carry on for decades to come. Rebranded Dave’s New and Used furniture, in 1996, he began to stock brand new furniture and appliances. By 2006, Dave decided to phase out the used furniture, and once again rebranded the business, to the current name, Dave’s Furniture and Appliances.

Another way in which Dave diversified his business is by becoming a Satellite TV and Internet service provider, through Shaw and Xplornet, respectively. In the early 2000’s, Dave’s acted as a subcontractor for other providers in the area. Then in 2008, he decided to become a provider himself, with his son Justin looking after the installs.
Dave’s currently employs 6 locals. Dave, his wife Carm and their son Justin run the storefront, Nicholas Kleyh handles Satellite installs, and Jesse Desmarais and Robert Genereaux handle furniture delivery.

Dave’s stocks a wide variety of products, from freezers and refrigerators, to stoves and dishwashers, to dining sets, to living room sets, to bedroom sets, to TVs and even a handful of stereos.

Dave attributes his success to hard work, long hours, and integrity. “Honesty, and quality products are also very important”, he said.
Dave’s has frequent promotions from their many suppliers, so come on down and see what’s on sale today.

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