Diane Dubé: RM of Alexander Candidate Profile

Running for RM of Alexander Council in Ward 3

diane 1-4 p election ad

  1. What do you cherish most about this community?
    The diversity of the region and its people of the river which makes it the best place to live, work, and play in.
  2. What are your highest priorities for change in our municipality,
    a) in the short term?
    To seriously look at marketing this municipality and its many destinations from Bird River to the Winnipeg River and on to the Lake Winnipeg communities. This is a gem waiting to be discovered we are told over and over again so let’s do something about promoting the hell out of this place we call home to entice families and businesses to relocate here. Business retention & expansion should be at the forefront and our job is to facilitate that process not frustrate it.
    b) in the long term?
    To insure that the municipality will continue to be sustainable through growth and sound management practices. Regional cooperation can be enhanced further with a clear vision of what the ratepayers want, and really thinking about the future because council decisions are not about today or tomorrow, they are about 5, 10, and 20 years from now. We need to be more open to change and welcome it!
  3. What are the biggest fiscal challenges in our municipality, and what do you envision as the best way(s) to address them?
    Although the municipality is in good shape financially and has built up its reserves over the last 6-8 years to a very acceptable and comfortable level there has to be more done to enable the capital projects that have to been identified in council’s existing strategic plan in order for them to be undertaken.
  4. Would you advocate for any changes to the current boundaries of the municipality (for example through annexation, amalgamation, secession)?
    I would welcome the feedback from a regional study that studies both the advantages and disadvantages of such a scenario to then be able to take it back to the ratepayers for them to decide. I do not support breaking up the municipality.
  5. Where is your permanent residence?
  6. Have you served on a municipal council before? If so, if so, reeve, mayor or councillor?
    I had the privilege to serve as a councilor for 10 years and 8 years as a school trustee in this region.
  7. Please list any life/work/volunteer experience that is pertinent to the position you are seeking?
    My eighteen years as a public servant and extensive experience working as a volunteer project manager will enable me to work with all levels of government and contractors in the economic & community development field which in turn will assist in the leveraging of funds to assist in the decision making process. I have been a community volunteer all my life and continue to donate 30 hours/week to community projects in this region.