Driven to DANCE!

Powerview School’s Team Stage were led this year by McKenzie Strongquill (back row, third from left).

By Don Norman

Powerview School’s Team Stage had a recital on June 18th where they performed eight live numbers and screened five previoiusly recorded videos – all choreographed by 2017 Powerview School Alumni, Mackenzie Strongquill.

Bonnie Borlaise, Powerview School’s Drama Teacher and Guidance councillor, started the troup back in 1998 and ran it off and on since that time, as interest waxed and waned in the program. Last year, was McKenzie’s fourth year with the program and Borlaise felt comfortable letting her take a little more control. “She is a natural dancer with amazing abilities. Last year McKenzie did half of the choreography for me for the show,” said Borlaise. But in 2018, with four members graduating that year and what appeared to be low interest in the program, Borlaise decided that put it on hiatus again.

But McKenzie wasn’t content to let the party end. McKenzie approached Borlaise this year to see if there was a chance, if she could recruit enough students, to continue the program. But Borlaise had already taken on new teaching assignments. But that didn’t stop McKenzie. Feeling confident from her experience in 2018, she suggested that she would run the dance program herself. McKenzie figured it could help her get accepted to the prestigious dance program at Centennial College in Toronto she had recently applied to. Borlaise agreed to volunteer her time and just stay at the school to supervise them and help with the assessment of the students to maintain it as a credit program.

McKenzie found the students to participate and spent hours and hours of her time doing all the choreography for the show. But all that hard work paid off. “The the recital was amazing, absolutely amazing,” enthused Borlaise. “McKenzie was 100% the artistic director of this show.” And not only that, McKenzie also recently heard that her application to Centennial College was accepted!