Fire Destroys Home on North Shore Road

The North Shore Road home was burned to its foundations.


A fire at 154 North Shore Road burned the home of Norman and Marcella Coss to its foundations on the night of Tuesday, March 13. The main picture above, shows the damage that the fire caused. A neighbour took a picture of the fire while it was burning on Tuesday night (below).

Firefighters fought valiantly to extinguish the flames. The house had other ideas however. You see, it was a log house, which are notoriously difficult to extinguish once they’re set ablaze. The Powerview-Pine Falls Fire department, with support from the Sagkeeng fire department, used pumper trucks to provide water to their hoses. The home was somewhat secluded, and well away from the nearest fire hydrant. They fought the fire late into the night, until it was deemed a lost cause, at which time the focus shifted from putting out the blaze to ensuring in didn’t spread elsewhere.

The fire was caused by embers escaping through the chimney of the woodstove being used to heat the house. Interestingly, the fire began on the outside of the structure. The couple only noticed when their yard was suddenly brightly illuminated in the middle of the night. They quickly called 911, but it was likely already too late.

The entire house burnt to the foundation, and the Coss’ lost everything. Thankfully, they were fully insured. They plan on rebuilding on the property, though this time a home of traditional construction, as opposed to a log home. In the meantime, they are residing at their son Maurice’s house.

The photo the neighbour took.