Fund-raising canoe-trip passing through Winnipeg River communities

The Byway Babes

By Don Norman

The Byway Babes are a trio of three young women from Winnipeg who have taken it upon themselves to do a cross-Canada canoe trip raising money for Cystic Fibrosis.

The Advocate caught up to Claire Davis (who has Cystic Fibrosis), Kendra Hurley and Reilly McEvoy when they landed at the St. Georges Beach on Thursday.

They started their trip in Vancouver on April 1st. They are going to be passing through a number of river systems along the way. First, up the Frazier River from Vancouver, then down the Bow River through Calgary, then the South Saskatchewan, the Assiniboine to the Red, then to Winnipeg River.  From there, they’ll travel through the Great Lakes to the Ottawa River, and then St. John River to St. John New Brunswick.

They took a break in Winnipeg (their home town) from June 18-25, when they headed out from the Forks on their current leg of the trip. They had made their way up to Patricia Beach, where they camped on Monday night. On Tuesday, night they camped around Victoria Beach. Then on Wednesday, they spent the night in Pine Falls and last night (Thursday), in Great Falls. According to the tracking feature on their website, they left Great Falls at 9:07 Friday morning. Their blog suggested they had to adjust their schedule to make up extra time for the “damn portages” on the Winnipeg River. We’re not sure if that was a typo and they meant “dam” portages, but the sentiment is likely accurate either way.

Not surprisingly, they don’t really have a hard schedule about when they will be at the various spots, but they will have to do another portage at McArthur Falls before arriving in Lac du Bonnet. They hope to be through the Winnipeg River portion of their trip by July 9 when they hope to reach Kenora. According to the latest blog on their website, they should be arriving in Saint John on October 4. To find out how you can support their cause and to track their trip for yourself, go to

byway babes
Route through Winnipeg River communities.