Funding Announced for Red River North Trail

beach exchange
Back row: Lise Bourassa (Owner) Dan Lester (RRNTA), Reeve Raymond Garand (Alexander), MLA Wayne Ewasko, Reeve Penny McMorris (VB), Councillor Jack Brisco (Alexander), Councillor Mike Bartmanovich (VB), Michelle Carlson, President, VB Permanent Residents’ Association.  L to R in Front: Jesse Kleinschmit and Jillian Franczyk (proudly sporting the commemorative T-shirts).

Wayne Ewasko, MLA for Lac du Bonnet, made a Manitoba Government funding announcement for the Red River North Trail Association Inc. (RRNTA) in support of the development and construction of the Safe Crossing of PTH 59 in Victoria Beach and the Belair North Project Greenway Multi-Use Trail construction in the RM of Alexander. The announcement which took place at The Beach Exchange in Albert Beach was symbolic of how closely connected all of the East Beaches communities have become. Standing on RM of Alexander soil, looking across Saffie Road to the RM of Victoria Beach can only serve to remind residents and cottagers alike, that boundaries are only on paper.

The significance of this particular announcement was the culmination of a vision and hard work by Dan Lester, Executive Director of Red River North Trails Association Inc. This moves along the planning by local volunteers working together as an ad-hoc committee to usher in another spur line on The Great Trail. A well-written proposal to the provincial government has netted enough funds ($40,646 toward construction), which cobbled with two RMs committing their support, will enhance the Trans Canada Trail system even further. For the RM of Victoria Beach, the safe crossing of PTH 59 will hopefully include maze gates (similar to these at Belair) on either side. When placed on each side of the highway, connecting the trails will be shored up for safe passage. An observation opportunity along the west side through marsh land, is an added bonus. For those waiting to bike safely to the Moonlight Inn for a treat, or the reverse to Le Gouter from VB, this can’t come soon enough. One more hurdle of a Dept. of Highways – Traffic Board Permit which has already been pre-screened, and the plans will be ready for a Request for Quotation.

The MLA for Lac du Bonnet informed those attending that the provincial Community Development Programs such as Community Places, Partner4Growth, Hometown Manitoba and the Community Small Grant Programs have to date invested over $225,000 in this constituency. He thanked the volunteers who have been part of these programs as well.

These gates, already in use in Belair, were provincially-funded in a previous Community Places Program project with contributions from the Manitoba Government ($11,645.00) and RM of Alexander ($20,000). From L-R, Wayne Parker, Lester Beach Association, Councillor Jack Brisco (Alexander), MLA Wayne Ewasko, Reeve Raymond Garand (Alexander), and Dan Lester (ED RRNTA) at Lester Beach.