Interlake Eastern Foundation Celebrates Firsrt Anniverary

Interlake-Eastern Health Foundation has benefitted greatly from the investment of community members from all over the region in its first year. Accomplishments were celebrated at a donor appreciation ceremony and annual general meeting held at the Gaynor Family Regional library on November 22.

Through the generous support of community donors, the foundation has raised nearly $300,000 in its first year of operations. It helps donors target donations by identifying priority needs in regional health care programming and facilities. Through these efforts, donations have been targeted towards the purchase of seven high priority pieces of medical equipment for the regional health care facilities this year:

• a full-body support (Broda) chair for the Selkirk Regional Health Centre (SRHC)
• a new treatment chair for Gimli Cancer care unit
• updated waiting room furniture for Pine Falls Health Complex
• a patient-controlled analgesic medicine release pump for the SRHC surgery unit
• a pressure relief mattress for Fisher Branch Personal Care Home
• a double electric bed and mattress for our region’s palliative care program
• a scale for the SRHC surgery department
• and a number of much-needed items for the region’s family birthing unit.

At the end of its first year, the foundation has worked with community members to establish three endowment funds, which allow funding to grow and be available in perpetuity to support the following causes:
• The Interlake-Eastern Health Fund, which supports health care across the entire region,
• The Cholosky Fund, benefitting the Selkirk Regional Health Centre, and
• The Gaynor Family Children’s Fund, benefitting children’s health in the region

Board chair, Kelly Cook, said it has been rewarding to see the foundation do so much in its first year to help community members target their philanthropy for the health care needs that are a priority in the region.

“The Interlake-Eastern Health Foundation has been busy this year doing what we love to do, promoting our brand, ensuring we are good stewards of donors’ dollars, and helping donors direct their investments to where they will make a difference,” Cook said.
According to Pamela McCallum, foundation executive director, the foundation is now ready to raise the bar and engage with more donors in the coming year to continue to show the value of community philanthropy for health care in the region.

“We will continue to focus on providing assistance to strengthen the health and wellness of our region’s people, while improving community-based options for giving,” said McCallum. “We want all of our residents to be our partners in achieving better health for themselves, their families and their communities for years to come.”

For more information on The Interlake-Eastern Health Foundation and the many examples of our region’s incredible community generosity over the past year, contact Pamela McCallum at or visit Interlake-Eastern Health Foundation’s page on Facebook and website at