Larry Sharpe promoted to Vice Principal

powerview school
École Powerview School

August 2, 2018

By Vince Clark

Local boxing legend Larry “Razor” Sharpe has recently embarked on his latest endeavour. After teaching at École Powerview School for 17 years, Larry has taken on the role of vice-principal. This comes following the departure of Vice Principal Chrissy Viznaugh, who accepted a job offer to become principal of Lac du Bonnet Senior School.

This position has come available in the past, but Larry had no interest at the time. “In my younger years, I felt like I was more valuable in a hands-on role with the students. As I aged and matured, I began to realize the importance of the principals.” In recent years, Mr. Sharpe has served as the “Teacher in Charge”. This essentially means he took on the role of principal when the principals were away. This experience aided his understanding of the role of vice principal.

When asked if he had any specific goals in mind, Larry said, “I’d really like to see more collaboration with our neighbouring community schools. I’ve seen some of it myself, from coaching co-operative sports teams, and it’s a great thing for the kids.”

All in all, Larry is excited to take on the challenges of this new role, and eagerly awaits the commencement of the 2018-19 school year.