Pineview Lodge: Affordable, quality housing for local self-sufficient seniors

Photo of Ray St. Hilaire 2
WRAC Featured Artist – Ray St. Hilaire

Julie Lavoie WRAC Featured Artist August 2018

WRAC Featured Artist for August 2018 – Julie Lavoie

Linda Bourrier photo 3WRAC Featured Artist for July 2018 – Linda Bourrier

FW2016-255 Three great festivals, three consecutive weekends!

Andreas Oertel at his book launchWRAC Featured Artist – Andreas Oertel

paniclandThere’s Plenty to do this Canada Day

Boreal Workshop 1 copper-pail-and-ladleWRAC Featured Artists: Tanis Thomas and Carl Quesnel

aromatheraby through the arbour Kick Back at the Kick Ass Women’s Day April 21

Roberta LaliberteWRAC Featured Artist Roberta Laliberte

turtle lodge Gathering Brings Together Youth, Elders and Scientists

epicure 4th Annual Kick Ass Women’s Day

 WRAC Featured Artist: Daryl Woodbeck