Local Archers Bring Home Gold

Entire Eastman Team
Entire Eastman team

By: Bernice Phillips
The Pineview Saints Archery Club is pleased to announce that our archers who attended the Manitoba games in Thompson, Manitoba gave a very good showing.

Zachary Coss thrilled the crowd by shooting nine ten-point shots (which was 3 perfect rounds) during the medal round for a total of 142 out of a possible 150 points earning him Gold in the men’s compound competition. This score was enough to beat his nearest competitor Sloan Scrivener from Winnipeg who scored 137, both very impressive scores. He also teamed up with Taylor Klimchuk from Fisher Branch for mixed compound shoot winning them the Bronze metal.

The standing of the other members from our club are as follows; Clayton Jasper – 4th in recurve, Ethan Coss 4th in compound, Elizabeth Phillips 5th in recurve, Jolene McKay 6th in recurve and Trinity Kleyh 7th in recurve!

Our club is very proud of all our athletes for all their hard work and commitment to archery.