Meet the candidates for councillor in the Victoria Beach Municipal Election

All Candidates meeting at Saffie’s in Albert Beach.

The Advocate invited all the candidates for this month’s Victoria Beach municipal elections to answer a short questionaire regarding their campaign and goals as a councillor. All of the candidates were allowed 400 words to answer the questions. Some answered in bullet points, some went a little off script but each of these write-ups should give voters a better understanding of the candidate and their reasons for running. Two candidates (Irwin Kumka and Brad Enfield) did not respond to the request.

steve axworthy

Stephen Axworthy

Are you a permanent resident?
I have been a summer resident most of my life, but in the next four year I intend to move to Victoria Beach permanently with my future wife.

What experience do you bring to the table that will improve council?
The most important thing that I offer is the progressive knowledge that comes through my extensive post secondary background. Primarily focused on business management, I’ve studied, in-depth, methods of development that can benefit a rural community such as ours.

What is your connection to the community?
My connection to the community at large is mostly through the permanent residents, especially those who attend St. Michaels. One of the things I am enjoying most about being a candidate, is that it is pushing me to become more involved in the community, and meet the people of Victoria Beach, from Albert Beach, to Wannasing, Sandy Bay, and the Restricted Area. Through meeting the people, I’ve realized one of my biggest goals is to find ways that encourage us to become much more unified as a community. We all have to realize that our municipality starts at the north side of Saffies Rd. and continues straight through to the end of the peninsula.

Are you involved in any community organizations?
I am involved at St. Michaels, but I admit that I would like to do more. It is such a fantastic group of people at that church, and I encourage everyone to come out and support the amazing work they do. I will also be getting involved in curling next year at the local curling rink, as my lovely fiancee wants to join a team in the fall. What I find so admirable, is that a place like Victoria Beach, with slightly more than 390 permanent residents, has a facility like the curling rink, which offers so many programs throughout the year, and is supported without fail by the community from both permanent and summer residents.

What accomplishments would you like to achieve in your four years?
The most important thing that must be done is to develop, with the employees, a strong set of Human Resource policies and procedures. We must ensure that our employees are supported by a fair and reasonable HR program. The next major accomplishment must be getting our budget balanced before we start initiating any new programs so as not to put an additional burden on our tax payers.

mike bartmanovich

Mike Bartmanovich

Are you a permanent resident?
Yes, my wife and I built our retirement home here in Victoria Beach 6 years ago. However I, along with my family, have also been seasonal cottagers here for almost 50 years.

What experience do you bring to the table that will improve council?
Most of my career has been spent in management – specifically project management, where teamwork and communication are keys to success. I bring that strong sense of teamwork to Council as well as an emphasis on communication with our community.

What is your connection to the community?
For my wife and myself, Victoria Beach is our ‘peaceful place’. I’m pleased to say that we’ve developed friendships here over the years that we still enjoy today. It’s our place to ‘just be’.

Are you involved in any community organizations?
My wife and I volunteer whenever possible. I am a member of the Board of the VB Permanent Residents’ Association, and I also created a Citizens On Patrol Program (COPP) here in VB as a visible deterrent to crime and as assistance to our police. The COPP provides service to ALL members of our municipality 12 months of the year.

What accomplishments would you like to achieve in your four years ?
Among other things, move at least 50% of Council meetings to the Beach, develop procedures to prevent ‘surprises’ like no water, and review recent HR issues and take appropriate actions.


Ian Chadsey
I believe strongly that your tax dollars ($5,020,903*) should NOT be wasted and should be better spent on improved services for the community and not on lawyer and consultant fees, etc. I am interested in developing sound financial strategies/plans to ensure community projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Note*: ($5,020,903= $4,228,613 Tax levy + $478,696 other revenue + $305,350 transfers & reserves)
I am a former Vice president at MTS and have over 30 year’s business experience in accounting, finance and communications. I have developed and executed many financial strategies to raise funds and complete projects on time and on budget. I have a degree in accounting (CPA/CMA) and a master’s degree in business (MBA). I am currently on the audit committee for the Manitoba Hydro’s Board of Directors and I teach accounting, finance, communications and marketing at Red River College. My family bought a lot and built a home where I live 4 days a week in the Sand Cliffs area and 3 days a week in Winnipeg.

I would like the first course of action for the new VB council to repair the negative community relations that have angered our employees, volunteers and homeowners over the past few years. I think the first order of business for the new council is to establish what the root cause of the tension is and develop a proactive action plan to remedy the problem. The solution lies in honest discussions, transparent communications and buy-in by all parties before executing the plan. I would bring a new perspective to the VB council and before we decide on a course of action, I would encourage council decisions that are in the best interest of homeowners, employees and volunteers.

I strongly believe that the employee & volunteer relations issues can be resolved if the new council has honest discussions with the concerned parties, focuses on good old fashion “common sense” and makes consensus building decisions that includes all party concerns. I would like to see a plan that ensures all residents have stair access and a permanent boat launch. The Victoria Beach community has a strong history (100 years) of getting along with your neighbor and building positive community spirit that includes everyone. I would like to see the VB community return to those values.


Graham Randle
Are you a permanent resident?
Yes, I’m a permanent resident, as were my parents

What experience do you bring to the table that will improve council?
Management, organisational and construction experience, and a familiarity with Council proceedings

What is your connection to the community?
It’s my home, year round

Are you involved in any community organizations?
Have served with Wanasing Beach Cottage Owners Association and Victoria Beach Permanent Residents Association

What accomplishments would you like to achieve in your four years?
My objectives include:
• repair damage done by the disconnect between council and our employees
• implement a shoreline protection action plan
• investigate excessive legal and consulting costs
• waste and recycling plan implementation
• 1571 organizational by-law review
• more community input through task-oriented committees
• traffic and gate – restrictions must remain and exceptions better controlled
• protest against double school taxes for seasonal residents – not fair