Museum to rise from the Ashes

Architect’s rendering of the regional museum on the banks of the Winnipeg River in St. Georges.

$200,000 Funding from the RM of Alexander puts project back on track

By Don Norman

In a press release issued on Tuesday, January 21, The St-Georges Historical Society Inc. (SGHS) and the RM of Alexander announced the recent approval of $200,000.00 in municipal funding from their 2018 operating budget for the continued construction of the Winnipeg River Heritage Museum (WRHM). The funding, provided by the RM of Alexander, was to support of the development of local arts and heritage facilities for the benefit of the region and to also to assist the WRHM in leveraging funding from both levels of government.

A statement released by the R.M. of Alexander council noted the important timing of the announcement. “This new funding came at a crucial moment and demonstrates the municipality’s continued strong support for the project and commitment in helping the SGHS in getting it done.”

The St-Georges Historical Society Inc. is still waiting on new funding announcements from the provincial government and supplemental funding from the federal government to ensure the project’s completion.

The old St. Georges Museum burned down in 2014. The project’s target completion date is slated for this summer.