One dead, three injured in collision on Hwy 304

Adriane Day of Beausejour, shown here with her grandaughter, was killed in a collision on Highway 304. (From her daughter’s GoFundMe page).

Two car collision 7 km south of Hwy Powerview-Pine Falls takes the life of a Beausejour women and sends three Hollow Water residents to hospital

January 11, 2019

By Don Norman

On January 4, 2019, at 4:47 pm, Powerview RCMP responded to a report of a two-vehicle collision on Provincial Road 304, located approximately seven kilometres south of Powerview-Pine Falls.

Officers believe that the two vehicles collided due to icy road conditions. A 54-year-old female, from Beausejour, who was the driver and lone occupant of the northbound vehicle, was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The southbound vehicle contained three occupants from the Hollow Water First Nation. The 66-year-old male driver and a 31-year-old female passenger suffered non-life threatening injuries while a 60-year-old female passenger was taken to hospital and is now in critical condition.

Police said all of the occupants of both vehicles were wearing their seatbelts and that alcohol was not a factor in the collision.

The RCMP didn’t name the deceased or any of the injured passengers, but the woman from Beausejour was identified as Adriane Day through a “GoFundMe” page. The story on the page written by Day’s daughter, Meghann gave a more detailed account of the accident.
“As she was making a corner turn on the 304, an opposing car with 3 occupants had started sliding on the ice. They over-corrected and lost control of the vehicle causing their front right bumper to collide with my mother’s left front bumper. At 90KM an hour, the weight of the opposing vehicle caused the roof to cave in and push the wheel of the car on the front left side into the near middle. She had no time to react and her death was instant. All airbags had been deployed and the hood of the opposing vehicle was found 80 feet from the scene of the crash.”

Meghann set up the GoFundMe page to raise money to help aleviate financial hardship caused by Day’s death. If you’re interested in more information about the fundraising initiative, Here is a link to Meghann’s GoFundMe page.

Powerview RCMP, along with a Forensic Collision Reconstructionist, continue to investigate.

Damage to the front of Adriane Day’s vehicle (From her daughter’s GoFundMe page).