Peculiarities send tendering process back to the drawing board


August 17, 2018

Last week we reported on the The R.M. of Alexander’s call for tenders for sale of 5.37 Acres of land zoned industrial – Roll# 123625 located at 5 Power Drive. The tender drummed up a lot of interest. But it appears that the municipality was concerned about some peculiarities with the process and they are rejecting all the bids and will be reviewing their tender process resubmit the tender.

To recap, here were the bids that came in:
Kim Robertson $20,000
Ron Bard $50,111
Colliers Int’l $100,000
6622993 MB $165,000
9977007 CaDada $245,000

The two highest bids came from separate numbered companies but oddly, the two companies shared the same office address and one board member. After the bids were opened during the council meeting earlier this month, the highest bidder rescinded their offer.

The RM of Alexander wouldn’t confirm whether that was specifically the reason for reviewing the tendering process or if there was another reason. They only said they would not accept any of the bids submitted and would put out a tender at a later date, once they had reviewed and possibly amended their land sale policy.