Pineview Lodge: Affordable, quality housing for local self-sufficient seniors

Pineview Lodge on Highway 11 in Pine Falls.

Established in 1973, The Pineview Senior Citizens Home, which operates under the name Pineview Lodge, has undergone significant changes over the years. The building initially consisted of 18 living units. Over time several units have been removed to create larger suites. There are now 13 units in the facility. Three are singles, five are doubles (larger single bedroom), and five are two-bedroom units.
The rent for these units is market based. As such, there are three different rates. As of January 2019, the rates will be: $700/Month for a Two Bedroom, $500/Month for a Double, and $425/Month for a single. While tenants have to pay for their own TV and Phone services, Hydro and Water are included in the rent. Tenants also have access to free common laundry machines.

Yearly budgets are passed by the board of directors and approved by Manitoba Housing. Tenants are then given three months’ notice prior to any rent increase. The books are audited by an independent auditor each year.
As safety and comfort are the number one priorities, exterior doors are locked 24/7. The fire system is inspected yearly by TYCO, and EMTs and the Fire Department have their own keys, should any emergencies arise.

There has been a long history of board members who’ve used their precious time to make the facility the success it is today. Special thanks to Mel Jaster, Shirley Lavallee, Sharon Coote, and many others for all the years and endless hours they put in. The Board of Directors is a volunteer group. They are a non-profit organization focused on maintaining affordable housing for seniors. The board operates under the guidelines of Manitoba Housing and work with a portfolio manager. The board meets quarterly to discuss financial statements, maintenance, and improvements. The current board members are, Chairman – Morris Rodych, Past Chairman – Barry Cyr, Secretary – Tracy Sharpe, and Directors – Herb Johnson, Willy Kemball, Jake Bourrier, Norma Dupont, and Trudy Cyr.

The application process is managed by Trudy Cyr. There are currently 44 people on the waiting list. When a room becomes available, Trudy goes through the list in chronological order, beginning with those who’ve been on the list the longest, until she finds an interested prospective tenant. If you would like to get your name on the list, contact Trudy at 204-367-1983, and she’ll provide you with the appropriate paperwork.

Each year, projects are undertaken to improve the living conditions in the home. In the past few years, they’ve installed new sidewalks both in front and in the back of the building, re-shingled the roof, installed new blinds in the hallways, installed new LED lighting throughout the building, installed a new AC unit for the common room, removed a redundant hot water heater, and removed 6 redundant baseboard heaters in the common hallways to name a few. With some of the changes, namely the LED lighting and removal of the extra hot water heater, they’ve reduced their hydro consumption drastically. In 2019, a six-year project to fully renovate the kitchens in every suite will begin. The board uses local resources for as many of their projects, repairs and maintenance as possible, such as Dwight Legall for grass cutting and snow removal, Jeff Johnson for electrical, Kevin Vincent for Carpentry, Trevor Coss for HVAC, David Kemball for plumbing, Yves Boisjoli for painting, Carol Thomas for Housekeeping, Osis for building supplies, Dave’s for furniture, appliances and cable service, and Denise Cyr for Bookkeeping and Home Hardware for all their hardware needs. The board would like to thank all of their contractors and businesses for their support.

The board is often asked one question, who owns the Pineview Senior Citizens Home Inc.? The answer is: nobody really owns the home. The board is strictly a volunteer group that operate the home under the guidelines of Manitoba Housing. If the board of directors were to dissolve, then Manitoba housing would operate the home. However, that being said, Manitoba Housing is not interested in operating the home, and prefer it to operate in its current form.

In conclusion, the Pineview Senior Citizens home has provided for nearly a half century and will continue to provide affordable, quality housing for local self-sufficient seniors aged 55+ for decades to come.

Pineview Lodge Board of Directors
Pineview Lodge board of directors. Left to right are: Norma Dupont, Trudy Cyr, Barry Cyr, Morris Roddych, Willy Kemball, Herb Johnson. Missing are: Tracy Sharpe & Jake Bourrier.