Powerview School students learn about greenhouses

Submitted by Blaze Sammons
Photos by Blaze Sammons

The École Powerview School Maternelle and Grade 3 English classes would like to send a HUGE thank you to Heather & Marcel of the Chevrefils Greenhouse for being such amazing hosts.

While visiting the Greenhouse, the Maternelle students observed different plants, looking at the different parts of the plant: such as the roots, stem, etc. This trip tied into the classes’ science unit perfectly, focusing on plants, trees and their growth. The students enjoyed learning about vegetables, flowers and seeds all in the French language while crunching on some delicious cucumbers. Heather and Marcel even let the students’ plant flowers and bring one home!

The Grade 3 English class also had a ton of fun observing and learning about everything that the Greenhouse has to offer. The students enjoyed planting their flowers almost as must as they enjoyed smelling all the flowers and herbs. The students also had many questions that Mr. Chevrefils was more than happy to answer. The students learned valuable information on how different species of plants need a different amount of sunlight, which is why only some of the greenhouses are shaded. Mr. Chevrefils also gave the students a garden cucumber and an English cucumber to try. The students had so much fun! Thank-you, Heather & Marcel Chevrefils!