Promising lithium deposits explored near LdB

By Don Norman

There are some new prospects emerging regarding mineral extraction near Lac du Bonnet’s Tanco mine. New Age Metals is expecting to begin drilling this year. The company has applied for its drill permits from the province. The application has been accepted by the relevant parties to date and is in the final stages of the approval process. The first drill permit is expected to be issued in June 2019.

New Age has eight Lithium projects along the Winnipeg River in the same area as the Tanco mine. The projects are strategically situated within the Winnipeg River Pegmatite Field, which hosts the Tanco Pegmatite that has been mined for Tantalum, Cesium and Spodumene (one of the primary Lithium bearing minerals) in varying capacities, since 1969.

In 2018 NAM conducted surface exploration programs on their Lithman East, Lithman North, Lithium One and Lithium Two projects. The programs consisted of reviewing, characterising and sampling the known surface pegmatites (a coarse-grained igneous rock, usually granite, that is characterized by large well-formed crystals and often contains rare elements). Samples were taken from the Eagle and FD5 pegmatites on Lithium Two and returned results of up to 3.8% Li2O. On Lithium One, samples were taken from the known Silverleaf and Annie pegmatites and returned significant Li20 assays of up to 4.1% (A typical run of mine ore can contain 1-2% LiO2).

Spodumene Blades (the most important lithium bearing mineral) from NAM’s Lithium One Project – Silverleaf Pegmatite

In October of 2018, NAM and the Sagkeeng Anicinabe Nation (Sagkeeng) signed an Exploration Agreement. The objective of the agreement is to promote a cooperative and mutually respectful relationship concerning certain mineral exploration projects being developed by NAM, and any additional mining claims or properties in which NAM may acquire an interest, located within Sagkeeng Traditional Territory. Harry Barr, Chairman & CEO stated, “By signing this Exploration Agreement the Company believes that there is a structured method to work constructively with the Sagkeeng Nation in regards to the exploration and development of any of the company’s claims that are located on traditional Sagkeeng territories.”

This year, the Company plans to drill the Lithium Two Project first and they will begin once they receive their permits from the province.