R.M. of Alexander May 22 Meeting Highlights

rm alexander

The meeting was the shortest one held yet this year with Deputy Reeve Mac Kinghorn officiating as Reeve Garand was away. Council will be bringing forth a resolution to their AMM June District meeting requesting the MB Gov’t take a long look at how the 160 + museums in the province are funded. The formula has not changed since 1992 when the cuts were made to reduce funding from $3500 to $3150 and $1500 to $1250 for smaller museums. Things have changed significantly since then and a review of the Community Museums Program funding would be welcomed by many Heritage Museums & Interpretation Centers in the province.

Other than an often made request for a time extension on a by-law enforcement case for a garage having been erected without a dwelling council had a very quiet day. The owner or future owner was given until December 31st to comply and to obtain the necessary bldg. permits. The gravel haul tenders were presented to council without the names of the bidders that you see in the chart below. The recommendation was to go with the lowest bid which turned out to be Ray-Ann Trucking. This system has been in place for a while now in the R.M. of Alexander and seems to be working well as council cannot be accused of having favoured one contractor over the other.

Tenders Received - 2018 Details for GRAVEL HAUL.xlsx