Raymond Garand: RM of Alexander Candidate Profile

Running for RM of Alexander Reeve


  1. What do you cherish most about this community?
    The diverse communities are what I extremely care about. The Peoples! Businesses, Beaches, Cottage Area, Lakes, Rivers, Farmers, Commercial Fishermen, all the characters of our communities are assets. The great outdoors. Fishing, Hunting, Boating, Quadding, and working to help others.
  2. Help us understand the type of leader you will be?
    I am a man of determination, and also very community oriented. I will always deal with people who are in need of municipal involvement. I have made many political connections, both in the Provincial and Federal governments, which is a major asset for local governments. I work very well with all councils in the region as well as administration for the benefit of all ratepayers. I get things done. Always.
  3. What are your highest priorities for change in our municipality
    a) in the short term?
    • Help pick CAO for RM of Alexander
    • Pick a Public Works Foreman
    • Replace Culverts and Complete Road Repairs
    • Great Falls Water Treatment Plant
    • Traverse Bay boat launch
    b) in the long term?
    I envision many important issues being addressed:
    • Roads and Subdivisions
    • Working to improve the overall image of the RM of Alexander community website. Building a better future and strong communities.
    • Work to get industry to come to our area for jobs and tax relief on our areas residents and cottage owners.
  4. What are the biggest fiscal challenges in our municipality, and what do you envision as the best way(s) to address them?
    Working with a new council, CAO, and public works foreman to get them on the same page in the beginning of session in order to Strategic plan and prepare for 2019 budget

    More provincial involvement to gain more accessibility for rural benefits. Cut red tape on Funding, Permits, and major highway projects and repairs.

    We must not forget to work with all cottage associations and special interest groups of all sorts, such as trail committees.

    Work with residents of existing water co-ops to figure out ways to reduce operating costs, and work with the Public Utilities Board to find alternative solutions.

  5. Would you advocate for any changes to the current boundaries of the municipality (for example through annexation, amalgamation, secession).
    I will work at whatever is decided by the province and political will.
  6. Where is your permanent residence?
    I live in a modest home in the RM of Alexanders’ Chevrefils community district, just two minutes across the dam on PR 304.
  7. Have you served on a municipal council before? If so, reeve, mayor or councillor?
    Yes, I am currently the Reeve in the RM of Alexander. It’s a great and challenging position, with great rewards, especially seeing all of our communities moving forward.
  8. Please list any life/work/volunteer experience that is pertinent to the position you are seeking?
    Manitoba Metis Federation Board – 30 Years
    MMF Education Board – 12 Years
    Maskwa Snowmobile club
    Knights of Columbus
    All these years of being involved with volunteer organizations helped me as an individual to understand the wants and needs of community groups.

    I have been self employed for most of my Adult life.
    My Job as reeve is to provide leadership and to give direction to administration to insure good faith of all the residents in the greatest municipality on the East side. RM of Alexander, if you want a strong leader with a direction for a strong future, Vote Raymond Garand!