Retiring RM Alexander CAO running for council in St. Clements

rm alexander

September 28, 2014

By Don Norman

The RM of Alexander CAO Scott Spicer, recently announced that he was retiring from his position at the municipality. Now it appears we have a glimpse into his retirement plans. When the list of candidates for the upcoming municipal elections was released last week, the RM of St. Clements had listed a “Scott Spicer” running in Ward One of the municipality.

The Advocate called the RM of Alexander, spoke to Spicer and confirmed that it is indeed the same Scott Spicer who is running.

Spicer is running for one of three Ward One council seats (there are two wards in the municipality with three councillors in each). There are six candidates running for those three spots, so there’s no guarantee that he’ll get in, but with the end of his position at the RM of Alexander in December, and the election on October 24, there will be an overlap should he be elected.

Spicer said he checked with the municipal board as to whether there was a conflict prior to submitting his nomination papers and there are no rules barring a CAO from one municipality serving on the council of another. It would be different of course, if it was the same municipality.

As far as possible conflicts in terms of time spent, most people serving on municipal councils do have full time jobs. Plus, Spicer says that there are currently only two council meetings scheduled for the RM of Alexander during that overlap period. However, there are four scheduled in the RM of St. Clements over the same period and one (December 11) falls on the same day for both municipalities.