RM of Alexander March 14 meeting highlights

Timing is of utmost importance when making decisions that affect people’s safety and lives and one has to wonder when Minister Ron Schuler will actually take a look at the serious road safety problems we have here in this community. Council received a response from the Minister of Infrastructure’s office stating that council’s recent concerns about the intersection @ PTH 11 and PR 304 were being relegated to senior staff for further consideration. This accident waiting to happen scenario was brought to the Town of Powerview-Pine Falls and R.M. of Alexander by ratepayer Carrie Peloquin who had been in a near miss collision at that corner. This is not the first time that both councils have requested a solution over the years but it seems to fall on deaf ears.
R.M. of Alexander Council was barely out of session when another accident did occur once again at that intersection! What will it take to get regional staff to address that dangerous intersection? Before lives are lost? Many residents routinely slow down while approaching that intersection and so they should as the stop signs do not appear to be doing their job as they continue to be ignored by so many people chasing across PR 304.

The R.M. of Alexander’s Gravel Crushing tender was awarded yesterday to Ted Pakulak of Tedlon Services out the 8 bids received and they proved to be very interesting with the winning bid @ $3.95 for 1” Traffic Gravel and $3.50 for 2” Down totalling $153,500.00 as opposed to the highest bid totalling $366,000.00. Quite a difference in price! Public Works Foreman Bill Sinclair reported that work has started on the Great Falls Water Treatment Plant with trees having been cleared for the construction site and the intake line. The excavation of the building site has also been completed.

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Dredging of the Victoria Beach Channel

The last phase of the Victoria Beach channel dredging was completed and a full report from the Victoria Bay Estates Excavation Committee submitted by Ken Lenton was received by council. He acknowledged in particular L.Chabot Enterprises and Martin Gurtman, Director of Operations with the vision and the determination to make it happen on budget and on time. Council was thanked again for their major contribution. The excavating team re-dug to clean the portion dug out last winter and utilized silt curtains to protect the fish habitats. All in all a full depth of 12-14 ft has been achieved as opposed to 7-8 ft last spring after sediment had stabilized and considering the excavator was sitting back 12ft it is safe to say that a 25-30 ft width has been achieved. Excitement is in the air as the summer season approaches for many boating enthusiasts on Lake Winnipeg.


Les Smith, Elm St. developer from Great Falls appeared before council once again to try and move his subdivision approval forward. CAO Scott Spicer had to clarify the R.M.’s position at some point in the conversation to explain the many concerns which had already been brought to Mr. Smith’s attention. He cited the Municipal Services Standards sections as he spoke and what Mr. Smith and his engineer had to comply with. While it is difficult to arrive at a uniform standard or same conformity throughout the municipality a low benchmark was used in the design storm frequency for ditches & culverts. That is a 20% (5 year return period) unless otherwise specified by the R.M. The soil conditions vary greatly from sand in (Ward 1) to clay (Ward 3) and granite outcrop (Ward 4) so a drainage plan should address those concerns when it comes to drainage in the developer’s drainage plan. It also has to adress any existing developments and drainage ditches. After a 40 minute conversation instead of the supposed 10 minute allotment for delegations he was advised by Reeve Garand to have his engineer call Public Works Foreman, Bill Sinclair for some clarity and guidance and to also have him call the R.M.’s engineers at KGS Engineering to make sure all drainage concerns have been addressed before he can move forward.