Sagkeeng church group meets to discuss how to tackle substance abuse

Meeting at the Christian Fellowship Church in Sagkeeng.

On April 24, 2018 a meeting was held at the Christian Fellowship Church on Sagkeeng to discuss the growing concern of drug use in the community. In attendance were members of Chief and Council as well as members of the community and the treatment Centre , The meeting was held by Arlene Guimond, wife of pastor of the Fellowship Church Lloyd Guimond.

The biggest concern addressed at the meeting is getting people the help that they need, and the wait time to get someone into a treatment center as it is a very lengthy process which could be discouraging for some who don’t have any support systems.

The meeting also focused on suggestions as to how to tackle the ever growing problem of drug and alcohol abuse on the reserve. What the people of the reserve would like to see is more family meetings on a case by case basis and more open communication and get “them” off the reserve to help start to heal. While the members of the reserve feel that this is a start , it is not a solution, more needs to be done for their people.

After those who do seek treatment, most of them have no place to go, which in some cases could cause a repeat of the drug or alcohol abuse, members would like to see a half way house built for those in recovery .

While this meeting had no big conclusions for their people , it was more about being aware and sharing their own personal stories about themselves or family members and that more needs to be done as quick as possible so no more lives are lost to this horrible epidemic .

The Fellowship Church is hosting another meeting Friday may 11th at 10 am for those who want to attend.