Sagkeeng holding public forum for April Vote

Chief Derrick Henderson will be running for re-election on April 8

Four Candidates for Chief and 29 for Councillor nominated for April 8 Election

March 8, 2019

By Don Norman

Sagkeeng First Nation is holding an public forum for band members on Sunday, March 10 at the Sagkeeng Band Hall. The Forum begins at 1:00 PM and runs to 5:00 PM.

The Sagkeeng election is to be held on April 8. The forum is intended to give all Candidates for Chief and all Candidates for Councillor an opportunity to speak to the Sagkeeng Community and or to present their Campaign Platform. Candidates are invited to participate in the forum. However, it is optional. Candidates who attend receive equal time. The Candidates for Chief will be given extra time to speak. Candidate’s names will be drawn out of a hat to determine the order of speaking. Community members are encouraged to attend.

All currently sitting councillors are running for re-election, as is Chief Derrick Henderson.

Candidates for Chief are (incumbents in bold):

  1. Allan Courchene;
  2. Tchissakid (T-Dre) Player
  3. Cynthia Bunn
  4. Derek Henderson

Candidates for councillor are (incumbents in bold):

  1. Henry Swampy
  2. Lloyd Guimond
  3. Joseph Courchene
  4. Graham Morrisseau
  5. Erin L Courchene
  6. Audrey Henderson
  7. Mark C Courchene
  8. Myles Courchene
  9. Marilyn Courchene
  10. Shelley Letander
  11. John Courchene
  12. Tanya Twoheart-Bunn
  13. Garry Courchene
  14. Glenna Henderson
  15. Shirley R Laforte
  16. Eric Courchene
  17. Fern Henderson
  18. Joseph G Daniels
  19. Dylan Courchene
  20. Marie Fontaine
  21. Richard Andrew
  22. Linda Dorie
  23. Samuel Bruyere
  24. Don Courchene
  25. Bruce Bruyere
  26. Phillip Starr
  27. Randy Twoheart
  28. Lillian M Cook
  29. Warren Morrisseau
  30. Dylan Courchene
  31. Marie Fontaine
  32. Richard Andrew
  33. Linda Dorie
  34. Samuel Bruyere
  35. Don Courchene
  36. Bruce Bruyere
  37. Phillip Starr
  38. Randy Twoheart
  39. Lillian M Cook
  40. Warren Morrisseau
  41. Lillian M Cook
  42. Warren Morrisseau