Sagkeeng Shuts Down Two Suspected Meth Houses

Stills from video posted to Dylan Courchene’s Facebook account.

Tenants evicted, houses being demolished in ceremony on Friday

By Don Norman

On Tuesday May 14, two videos, widely circulated on social media, documented the eviction of two suspected meth houses by order of Chief and Council. The two videos can be viewed here: Eviction 1; Eviction 2.

The videos showed newly elected councillor, Dylan Courchene as he and a group of representatives visited each house and read the occupants the eviction letter. “The letter is endorsed by Chief and Council and by the community,” said Dylan Courchene in one of the videos. “The Leadership presented to the elders council today to get permission to give these eviction notices to two known drug houses,” he said.

Courchene also said they planned to demolish the houses because the toxins from the drugs used in the dwellings would make them uninhabitable.

The Chief and Council are fully within their rights to issue these notices. According to the Indian Act, band councils have the power to move and evict citizens.

The occupants were given two days to leave the homes. The demolition of the homes is being turned into a ceremony taking place on Friday May 17.

A CTV news report today interviewed residents of one of the houses who claim their house was not in fact involved in the making of crystal meth. They said they were going to refuse to leave the premises.