Turtle Lodge facilitates Vision Quest for young men in next month

Submitted by Turtle Lodge

On May 18-22, 2019, Turtle Lodge is hosting a Vision Quest Rites of Passage for Young Men at Manitou Api Sacred Site (located in Whiteshell Provincial Park).

Preparation and sweat lodge begins at Turtle Lodge May 18.

The Vision Quest is a rite of passage conducted each spring that is intended for young men entering puberty to engage in an ancient ceremony, assisting them in the transition into manhood. A boy becomes a man by seeking a vision or dream on the land, that will give him his purpose and meaning in life.

Boys age 12 and up, and men of all ages, who have not yet experienced their rite of passage, are welcome to engage in this ceremony. Boys under of the age of 18 are asked to be accompanied and supported for the full duration of their ceremony by a male mentor.

It is true that all men must be initiated by Woman to understand life’s sacredness. And so it is that a young man must seek a vision for himself on a Vision Quest and be initiated by Mother Earth. Each year we make a call for young boys and men to participate in a Vision Quest to be initiated by the Earth. The boys and men take to the land and fast for 4 days while they are encouraged and watched over by the Elders.

Sign up at turtlelodge@mts.net.