Winnipeg River Learning Centre Sold

learning centre

By Don Norman
The Winnipeg River Learning Centre announced that the facility was sold and that since July 1, 2018 the facility has been under new ownership.
The centre was purchased by Mandata Solutions Ltd., a Canadian owned company. A web search turned up little information about the copmpany. However, it seems that whatever the company’s core business is, they are committed to continuing to allow the building to operate as a training facility.

A press released issued by the Winnipeg River Learning Centre, said that Mandata Solutions Ltd., “is committed to continued support of educational and community activities as well as introducing new enhanced training and technology services.”

The press release went on to say that these new ventures may include, but are not be limited to:

Enhanced educational courses potentially including:
• Cooking classes
• Computer Networking
• Computer Programming
• Website Design
• Computer Data Centre Operations
• Data Security

Inviting start-up technology companies to join the Centre so that they can :
• benefit from the Powerview-Pine Falls and surrounding Communities employment pool
• leverage the security, networking, and compute facilities of the centre
• incubate their business with guidance and mentorship from the centre staff

Renovating select parts of the facility to accommodate incremental use of the centre
These “rennovations” are likely a reference to the core business of the company.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of the news that the old mill site was purchased by real estate development company, Aveda Developments.

The press release invited those attending classes, suggesting new classes, or applying to teach classes, please send an email to