WRAC Featured Artist of the month – Delorme Meiler

WRAC Featured Artist March 2019 Lisa Delorme Meiler with her painting Lost in the Fire.

March 22, 2019

Winnipeg River Arts Council

For this month, the Winnipeg River Arts Council features visual artist Lisa Delorme Meiler, who proudly identifies herself as a born-and-raised prairie girl, and a Métis artist. Although she now resides in the town of Oakbank, she has lived in various communities in the Northeast region for most of her life.

An emerging fine artist, she has been working hard to perfect her acrylic art. Recently, she began to explore other mediums such as hand painted earrings and hand painted glassware. Although she was trained as a graphic artist, she says she is self-taught as a “fine artist,” never having any formal fine arts education.

But she’s always known she loves to create art and express herself artistically. She said, “My life-long passion was encouraged from childhood to adulthood. My paintings are inspired by the beauty of nature and the world around me.”

To share her talents, she has facilitated art workshops in the Seven Oaks School Division through Manitoba Arts Council’s Arts Smart Program and has volunteered her time facilitating art workshops for organizations like Wahbung Abinoonjiiag Inc. and Siloam Mission.

In 2013, she started exhibiting her work, with her debut presentation being a self-hosted art show. Since then, she has exhibited her art at events such as Manitoba Art Expo, Neechi Niche, Envision Festival of the Arts, and the Artisan Square at the Fire and Water Festival in Lac du Bonnet.
Her artwork has been published in Red Rising Magazine, which featured her paintings, “Storytelling as a Resistance” (November 2016 – Issue 4), “Love” (March 2017 – Issue 5), and “Le Métis” (Issue 9, which will be published in March 30, 2019).

Also, her art was used on the cover of the “Late O’clock” album, recorded by a Manitoba band called The Deeds, who were nominated for the best rock album of the year at the 2017 Indigenous Music Awards.

The painting in the accompanying photo is called “Lost in the Fire,” inspired by the Manigotagan region, with photo credited to Faye Hall. When asked for inspiring words, Delorme Meiler said, “My hope is that my paintings ignite a love of art and trigger an emotional response and a connection. I want the viewer to enjoy the work infinitely.”