WRAC Featured Artist of the month – Logan Goulet

Logan Goulet

For this month, the Winnipeg River Arts Council features musician Logan Goulet. Besides being a talented multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, vocals, programming), he is a songwriter and producer. He also dabbles in theatre and sits on the board for the Eureka Theatre Group in Lac du Bonnet.
Goulet has spent most of his life in Lac Du Bonnet but his father is a pilot who has worked all over the globe so he has lived in Nigeria, Maldives, and Indonesia for short periods. For over fifteen years now, Goulet has been consistently living in Lac Du Bonnet.

He first started really getting into music, and to a lesser extent acting, when he was thirteen and he lived in Bali, Indonesia. At the school he went to, the music program focused heavily on learning an instrument and writing music, so his skills kind of branched from there. Along with some guitar lessons, he attended Mid Ocean School of Media Arts in Winnipeg and learned about audio mixing and production.
He says, “What I find inspiring is the ability through music to take all the crazy ideas you have running through your head and turning them into something you can share with others, and hopefully inspire them as well.”

While most of Goulet’s music projects have been stuck in what he calls “production heck,” more recently he has performed at Fire and Water Music Festival, supporting his uncle Richard Nadolsky. He also appeared as the wicked Wendigo in the local stage production, “The Saga of JD McArthur”, which has a cast recording album that should be available soon. As well, he finds time to co-host a music interview podcast called Zoofonix.

Goulet admits that he hasn’t received any great critical acclaim (yet). Given that disclaimer, he does admit to winning a talent contest in 2003, which really surprised him, and placing second in another one in 2004.
He keeps himself motivated as an artist by saying, “Don’t let that little voice of doubt in your head stop you from showing the world what you have to offer. It’s a better place with your creativity out there!”